Extracting the Value Out of Trapped Data

CIO Applications magazine has named Singularity Systems one of 2021's Top Ten Machine Learning Solution Providers!

Tianhao Wu, Singularity Systems' CTO, is interviewed for their article Extracting the Value Out of Trapped Data. Dr. Wu explains the problem of data trapped in unstructured documents and images.

Dr. Wu has been helping humans and machines communicate in natural language for two decades, dating back to the first internet search engine to enable search in natural language rather than keywords.  

In the interview, you'll learn:

  • How business users, not data scientists, are able to train Machine Learning Models using AutoML
  • How Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing enable Intelligent Process Automation
  • How the three interoperable engines (SinguTXT, SinguIMG, and SinguPREDICT) work together

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