Digitalization through Intelligent Document Processing

Organizations today still rely on humans and manual processes to keep their engines running, but the increasing volume and variety of document and formats make this strategy unsustainable.

The cost of error-prone humans is leading organizations to consider the benefits of intelligent document processing (IDP) platforms. But most current data digitization strategies still rely largely on outdated scanning solutions and rigid, rules-based approaches. Traditional IDP solutions rely on data scientists who are costly, in short supply, and require time to learn the business requirements.

Today’s leading solutions allow the subject matter experts, the business users, to build ‘few-shot’ intelligent document processing machine learning models in a few days. This new approach is perfectly designed for the digital ecosystem developing around us. Machine learning-based models know what data they need, where to find it, how to process it and can scale across the organization.

Join this archived webcast as we discuss the results of a recent global market survey highlighting these organizational challenges and the steps being taken to solve them. We’ll review:

• Digitalization as the way forward
• The OCR bottleneck
• Data Challenges and strategy
• Straight-through processing
• Effective document management
• How humans limit volume
• Frictionless workflows

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