Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Midstream Safety Solutions:
Increase Safety, Compliance and Process Efficiency, while Mitigating Risk

Join Bryce Bjornvick of Midstream Process Solutions Inc, and Singularity Systems' Dr. YZ Zhang as they discuss the latest developments in AI and process automation. The presentation primarily focuses on the Oil & Gas industry, but the solutions discussed apply to all industries. Topics:

  • Innovation has traditionally been focused on developing resources but in the current environment there is a greater focus on operating more efficiently
  • There are many rudimentary document-based processes that have gone unchanged in decades and are ripe for optimization
  • Significant breakthroughs in deep neural network architecture make it possible to extract information from documents and refine data for consumption by downstream systems, making it possible to automate paper-based processes

Recorded during the Oil and Gas Automation and Digitalization Virtual Event (OGAD2021) Wednesday, September 22, 2021.  To view the recording, please register: